Book Author: Marina Maddix

Thrane’s Fated

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Book Description

Sometimes fate has other plans.

The two warring tribes of Thracos have finally reunited, bringing Hill and Valley Wargs together for the first time in generations. As alpha, it’s my job to ensure every tribe member is ready to fight the Terrans who are determined to eradicate us — even if that includes private training sessions with the worst of the bunch.

Peace-loving Arlynn hates violence almost as much as she hates me, but no matter how much I touch her during our lessons, I can’t seem to get her out of my system. All it would take is one mind-blowing encounter to quench my thirst for her luscious curves — not to mention rock her world — but she’s as stubborn as she is beautiful. 

Her loss. I’ve got more important things to think about, such as the fact our species is on the brink of extinction.

So why can’t I stop thinking about her?

Thrane’s Fated is Book 3 in The Last Alphas of Thracos trilogy. 

The Werebear’s Unwanted Bride

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Book Description

He didn’t want a wife…but he wanted her.

Bear shifter Katrina Hamilton spent her life obeying her father’s strict rules — and chafing under them. While all her friends were dating, Kat had been forced to watch from the sidelines. So when opportunity falls in her lap in the form of a very sexy stranger, she doesn’t hesitate to follow her heart.

Alex Fairchild just wants one last night of fun before fulfilling his duty to marry a stranger for the good of his werebear clan. He doesn’t expect to fall for his one night stand. He doesn’t expect to take her virginity. And he really doesn’t expect to meet her again…standing at the altar!

Once enemies, now mates, Alex must prove to Kat he’s not the womanizing playboy she believes him to be. But sinister forces lurk in the shadows, ready to do anything to tear the new couple apart. Will their marriage survive? Will they survive?

Part of Celia Kyle’s Howls Romance line.

Markon’s Claim

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Book Description

She wants to do her job. He just wants her.

Ever since being taken in by the Wargs of the Valley, my sole focus has been on curing their fertility problem. I don’t care that everyone seems to think I should accept the bite that would transform me into a wolf-like shifter. I have more important things to think about.

Then I meet him — the dead-sexy new alpha of the Hill Wargs who can’t seem to get enough of my curves. Markon stirs something in me that I’ve never felt before, and that kind of distraction is the last thing I need. Unfortunately, it’s all I can think about.

And now he’s pressuring me to become a Warg, too. Something about finding out if I’m his fated mate. Nonsense! Fated mates don’t actually exist.

Do they?

Markon’s Fate is Book 2 in The Last Alphas of Thracos trilogy. 

Solan’s Mate

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Solan's Mate

Book Description

Just when life can’t get any worse…it does.

My sisters and I somehow managed to escape the clutches of sex slavers, only to run straight into the arms of monsters. At least, we’d always thought the terrifying wolf shifters inhabiting Thracos were monsters…until they took us in and saved our lives.

Our own people exiled us because of our curves. Wargs love us for them. When the leader of the Valley tribe starts looking at me like I’m the missing piece to his puzzle, I’m not sure what to do. To join their tribe, we must become Wargs ourselves, giving up everything we’ve ever known.

When a nighttime raid by the enemy puts my sisters in danger, I need to make a choice. Do I choose the man I love or the only family I’ve ever known.


Solan's Mate is Book 1 in The Last Alphas of Thracos trilogy.

Snatched by the Alien Savage

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Book Description

Love? That's for suckers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled my friend Jasmine found a hot guy who’s crazy about her but I’m not interested in that for myself. I’ve got other things to think about, such as how to pay rent.

Besides, life has taught me that trusting people only ends in heartache.

When Jasmine claims her new man is an alien…well, she’s lucky I don’t call the dudes in white coats. But I discover she’s not as crazy as I thought when another, even hotter alien snatches me away and rocks my world. Worst of all, my heart betrays my brain and actually starts falling for the guy…alien…whatever.

Now we just need to find our way out of this swamp he’s stranded us in without getting eaten by gators, snakes or panthers. 

Oh my.

Captured by the Alien Savage

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Book Description

Just when I think nothing else could go wrong…I see her.

My crew and I are on a desperate mission hunting a villain, but he’s always one step ahead. Now we’re stuck in orbit over a primitive planet called ‘Earth’ without enough fuel to get us home. And worst of all, every last one of us is about to go into heat.

That’s bad. Very bad.

Our only hope of survival lies somewhere on the surface. I can’t afford any distractions, least of all a beautiful, curvy human female who my body tells me is my fated mate, my amavar. But that’s impossible! My mate can’t be human…can she?

So I Married a Rockstar

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So I Married a Rockstar

Book Description

I hate rockstars. All of them. But there’s one in particular…

Drax is cocky, brash and one pitchfork away from being the devil himself. But he’s also the sexiest jerkwad I’ve ever met. Worse than that, he seems to crave my curves just as much as I long for his rock-hard, tattoo-covered body.

What am I supposed to do, just ignore those mesmerizing ice-blue eyes? Or how all my bits and pieces tighten whenever he’s near? Or the way his voice gets all husky when he calls me Lola?

Yeah, right.

That’s how I ended up on a tour bus headed for Vegas as the band’s new manager. But it’s only temporary, much like what’s going on between Drax and me. I just wish he’d got the memo. Oh sure, he’s putting on a good show that this is more than a fling, but I know he’s just like every other bad boy, heavy metal musician.

Want to know the worst part? I don’t like heavy metal or bad boys.

Maybe I’ll lie to myself a little longer.

To Screech Their Own

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To Screech Their Own

Book Description

What happens at Haven…doesn’t always stay there.

Life couldn’t get much better for fun-loving housecat shifter Katie O’Meghan. She’s left her alley cat upbringing behind to become an activities coordinator at the luxurious Haven Resort, an exclusive island retreat for shapeshifters. Not even in her wildest fantasies did she imagine landing such a prestigious job and she would never do anything to risk losing it.

Arnaud Simpson hasn’t taken a vacation in two years and he doesn’t intend to start now. Work is what kept him going after his mate’s death, and it’s the only thing that helps him forget he’ll spend the rest of his life alone. Eagles mate for life, after all.

When Arnaud’s job brings him to Haven, Katie’s zest for life — not to mention her luscious curves — tempt him in ways he never thought possible. But even if he could mate again, would a free spirit like Katie ever want to settle down with a conservative corporate attorney like him? It hardly matters because the most important rule at Haven is the one rule that would keep them apart.

To Screech Their Own is the first in a series of standalone shapeshifter romances set at the mysterious Haven Resort. NOTE: It was originally published in the On the Growl anthology.

Bearly Hanging On (A Laid Bear Novel)

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Bearly Hanging On (A Laid Bear Novel)

Book Description

Nothing can stand in the way of a werebear and his woman…not even crazed valley girls!

Take a trip in the wayback machine to 1986, when the hair was big and the shoulder pads were even bigger. Yuppie bear shifter Chet Pearce is used to living the high life in L.A. His days (and nights) are filled with hot fashion, hot parties and hot chicks — and not necessarily in that order. So when he’s sent to a podunk British Columbia island to be initiated into his ancestral clan, he bristles under their restrictive rules and lack of awesome parties.

Punk isn’t just a type of music to curvy Crystal Witherspoon, it’s an attitude — and she’s got plenty to spare. Shuttled off to her grandparents after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, Crystal does her best to fit in with all the ‘normal’ people in Port Numas but her rebellious nature can’t be contained by neon headbands and acid-washed mini-skirts.

Sparks fly when Chet and Crystal first meet, and it doesn’t take long before they realize they’re meant for each other. But their families have other ideas. Will old prejudices force them apart or will their bond be strong enough for them to survive on their own?

Bearly Hanging On is the prequel to the Laid Bear series from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Marina Maddix. It can be read on its own, but fans of the series will love learning about Uncle Chet's early life.

The Kodiak Clan (Laid Bear 2)

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The Kodiak Clan (Laid Bear 2)

Book Description

Love can overcome anything...except maybe a pack of human-hating werebears.

Curvy bear shifter Veronica Muir is ready for a new mate. It's been six long and lonely years since her husband was killed, leaving her to raise rambunctious twin cubs on her own. And wouldn't you know it, the first time she dips her toe into the dating world, she ends up falling head over heels in love…with a human.

Marine biologist Jess Slade is still raw from his divorce when he spots Veronica's online profile. Unable to resist her luscious curves, he takes a second chance on love by moving to her hometown of Kodiak, Alaska. But the one thing he doesn't know about her might be the one thing he can't get past.

When a group of human-hating werebears called The Brotherhood threaten to tear them apart — quite literally — Jess and Veronica, with a little help from Max and Bethany, must decide where their loyalties lie and if their love is worth fighting for.