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Released: January 9, 2018

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She’s pregnant and he’s determined to have her under his roof and in his bed...no matter the cost!

Reese can’t get the delectable she-wolf Jane Coleman out of his mind. They shared one passionate night on a Ft. Lauderdale beach and she disappeared by morning. He should forget her, but his wolf won’t let him dismiss the memories of her silken skin, lush curves, and seductive smile.

Even as he fights to keep his lands out of the hands of a rival pack, he can’t suppress his constant craving for the female werewolf. The last place he expects to find the alluring stranger is at the side of his sworn enemy—her father.

He should crush her father and walk away, but one sniff changes Reese’s plans. Jane is pregnant with his pup and he will have them both!

This book is part of the Howls Romance line. Classic romance with a furry twist...



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... Sheena

I loved this book. I would love to see how the pack continues. Buy it you will love it.

Read the First Three Chapters

Chapter One

“Shots, Jane. Shots!” Elizabeth slurred and wrapped her thin arm around Jane’s shoulders.

Jane Coleman smiled at her friend and unwound herself from Elizabeth’s grasp. Elizabeth’s breath could knock a fire-breathing dragon out of the night sky. “Don’t you think you’ve had plenty? Come on. I want to dance.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about,” Elizabeth complained, slouching to one side as she spoke, almost like a marionette without a puppeteer. “You’ve barely had anything to drink all night.”

That, strictly speaking, was true. She’d had two beers on the beach earlier in the day and one Cosmo since they’d arrived at the bar, but she knew better than to get tipsy around her human friends. Tipsy werewolves were dangerous werewolves. Lowered inhibitions tempted her to shift into her wolf form. And as much as she loved the idea of sprinting down the beach, the sea breeze fluttering through her strawberry-blonde fur… the sight of a wolf running around a Ft. Lauderdale beach at the height of spring break might cause a panic. A tiny one.

Plus, after one too many, it was too easy to forget she had to treat humans like porcelain or she might accidentally hurt someone. Normal human girls—like she was pretending to be—weren’t able to pick up a coffee table and chuck it across the room with one hand. Hell, her freshman year, she nearly tore a frat boy’s arm clean off when he grabbed her ass at a party. She’d experienced a twinge of regret that he’d lost his baseball scholarship because she dislocated his shoulder, but he certainly learned never to grope a woman without her permission.

“You know I don’t drink much,” Jane reminded her friend. “I just want to dance.” She tugged on Elizabeth’s arm. “Come dance with me!”

Elizabeth slouched away like a ragdoll and bumped gracelessly against the bar. “Please? One shot. We’ll toast to graduation.”

“That’s months away.”

“Oh, please! Everyone knows you’re going to graduate top of the class.” Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “We should celebrate!”

Though Elizabeth’s “celebrate” sounded more like celibate and Jane’s wolf pawed at her. It was not a big fan of the word “celibate” and liked to remind her of that. Often.

“You’re right, it’s you we have to worry about,” Jane teased. “Fine, one shot, but no more after this. One and done.”

“Fine.” Elizabeth sounded like her tongue was a little too big for her mouth. “What’re we drinking?”

Jane smiled broadly at the bartender, which was all it took to grab his attention. He practically stopped mid-pour and rushed to them.

“What can I get you, ladies?”

“Two shots of Don Julio with lime and salt, please.” Jane beamed and he blinked.

“Sure thing.”

He dashed back to the other side of the bar, and Elizabeth snorted and rolled her eyes.

“What?” Jane frowned at her friend.


“What’d I do?”

“I think it’s magic. You have some weird voodoo, dick whisperer, pied piper of the penis thing. It’s like a supernatural power. You just have to think you want a guy’s attention and then—” Elizabeth snapped her fingers. Or tried. She couldn’t get her fingertips to touch each other and stared at her hand cross-eyed for a while before finally giving up and flailing her hands instead. “Poof! He’s there.”

Jane snorted as if Elizabeth’s words were ridiculous. She couldn’t let on that her friend was way too close to the truth. “I’m just like everyone else.”

“Nope, uh uh, no way,” Elizabeth said, as the bartender set their drinks in front of them.

“Thanks,” Jane said with a flirty smile, tossing her long, strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder.

“No problem. This round’s on me.” He winked at Jane and then moved down the bar to help some other hapless maiden. It wasn’t until he was out of sight that she noticed he’d written his number on her cocktail napkin.

“Smooth,” Elizabeth sniffed. “How do I get them to do that? Or is it all about the boobage?” Elizabeth stared down at her own cleavage and jiggled her tits. “Do your job, dammit.”

Jane laughed. “What are you talking about? You’ve got great boobs.”

Elizabeth sighed, tossed back her shot, and then slammed the empty glass on the bar. She hissed as the tequila burned its way down her throat. “Don’t pretend you’re not built like one of those sexy mud flap girls.”

Jane quirked a brow and slid the shot glass out of her friend’s reach. “I think you’ve had plenty to drink now.”

Elizabeth always got like this when she drank. As a lifelong dancer, her frame was lean and wispy. She had very little in the chesticle region and next to no junk in her trunk.

And her point of comparison?

Jane. Always Jane. Or mud flaps, but that always circled back to Jane anyway.

It was one of the human quirks Jane had never understood and her wolf woofed its agreement. In the pack, no one focused on appearance. Okay, maybe it was only Jane who didn’t care. She’d never dressed to flaunt her bountiful curves. As the daughter of the alpha, it wouldn’t be seemly—or so he insisted.

“Elizabeth, let’s dance. I’m sick of standing around.”

Elizabeth shook her head and wobbled precariously. “No way. I’m heading back up to the room. If I try to dance, I’ll fall over.”

Jane felt a whisper of disappointment at calling it a night so early, but her bestie needed her. “Okay, let’s go.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, you stay and have fun. Enjoy yourself. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Jane tracked Elizabeth as she made her way into the hotel and kept an eye on her through the floor-to-ceiling windows until she boarded an elevator. Then she turned her attention to the darkened beach. The bar sat on the edge of the sand, lights casting a soft glow across the beach.

A handful of lovebirds danced at the edge of the circle of light, kicking up the sugary powder as they moved and dancing slowly despite the rapid beat of the music. She was tempted to move to the black space just beyond them, where she could see the stars glittering on the ocean’s surface like fireflies. Where she could be swallowed in the dark and enjoy being a faceless presence. She could do whatever she wanted and there wouldn’t be anyone to tell her it was “unseemly.”

Jane shook her head and made her way to the middle of the dance floor. She’d agreed to hit the bar with Elizabeth because she’d been promised dancing. Dammit, she was going to dance.

Shafts of light flashed in the delighted faces of the people crammed on the dance floor. The DJ’s light show was synced with the music, flashing a different color with every beat while the crowd jumped and danced to the up-tempo song. Just as quickly as the energy rose, it gradually settled into a gentle sway when a slower song filled the air. Jane closed her eyes and lost herself in the music, feeling the notes flow through her while she found her rhythm.

This was her time, her chance to unwind before the end of her career as a college student. After that? Her life would begin. Her human life. She’d find a job in her field of study—art history 4 lyfe—and do her best to “fit in.” Shifting wouldn’t be a part of her life anymore. Her wolf whined like it always did and Jane fought against giving in to that pitiful cry. It knew she’d become immune to its pouting and switched to growls instead, snarling its objection. It didn’t want to be turned into a second-class citizen inside her two-legged body.

She’d been born a werewolf. Why couldn’t she just be happy being a werewolf?

Jane mentally sighed. She had plans. Eventually she’d find a nice human man with his nice, boring human life, and then they’d settle down with a house and a white picket fence.

Couldn’t it see the benefit to a life in the suburbs? No fighting. No dominance games. No alpha telling her how to live her life or declare her actions “unseemly”?

She seriously hated that word.

Jane got back to reminding her wolf of “the plan.”

Children were out of the question, of course. She’d heard that mixed-breed babies had more trouble controlling their shifts than full-blooded wolves. She wouldn’t be able to hide her true nature if she had to control a feral child and she was determined not to risk being discovered.

Of course, her parents wouldn’t like her decision, especially her domineering father.

Her wolf nudged her, telling her that it agreed with her dad and she shouldn’t turn her back on her wolf heritage. She pushed the beast to the back of her mind, shoving it away from her surface thoughts. It retreated with an echoing growl, telling her that she should be thankful to have such a good alpha.

And her father really was a good alpha to the Coleman pack, but she couldn’t wait to be out from under his thumb and away from Wilde Mountain. He expected so much from her… Too much. She’d never asked to be the daughter of an alpha, so why should she have to abide by his arbitrary rules?

Rejecting life in the pack would be unthinkable, as far as he was concerned, and she had no doubt he’d put up a fight.

A wave of sadness washed over her and she closed her eyes. Lights flashed orange behind her closed eyelids and she struggled to move with the blood-thumping beat of the music.

As much as she hated the idea of staying with the pack, she’d also miss her parents—her mother’s smiling face and father’s grumbles and growls. But she had no choice. She would live life on her own terms, and if her father couldn’t accept that, she’d go somewhere her pack could never find her.

A hacker at school had already agreed to create her new identity… for a price. All that was left was to pick a place her family would never think to look for her and her life could begin.

And she only had a few months left.

Excitement overrode the twinge of sadness. Biting back a smile, Jane lost herself in the music again, rolling her hips along with the bassline and dropping low every now and then. Without anyone around her she felt freer than she had in years. She let her hair swish across her back as she moved.

But like all good things, it had to come to an end.

Something—someone—bumped against her back, and weak human hands slid around her waist. The stink of sweat, cloying cologne, and alcohol stung her nose and she tried to shimmy away, hoping the guy would get the hint and let her go.

He didn’t.

Instead, he gripped her tighter, pulled her ass into his crotch and whispered in her ear. “I like the way you move, baby.”

Baby? She wasn’t his baby.

Her inner wolf wanted to turn around and teach the human male why it was a bad idea to lay his hands on a werewolf. With one hand, she’d grip his wrist so hard his bones splintered. With the other… she’d ensure baby-making wasn’t in his future. Ever.

This stranger wasn’t an alpha, hence, not worthy of her. Except… Accepting the touch of human males was part of assimilating into human life, right? No human male could compare to the strength of even the weakest wolf, much less the alpha her position in the pack demanded.

She groaned and her wolf snarled. She’d have to get used to being around weak men. It was a sacrifice she was willing to make if it meant living life on her own terms.

But that didn’t mean they were allowed to rub their unimpressive members against her ass. Shaking her head, Jane gently pulled away. She wasn’t going to make a scene by breaking the dude’s arm. Unfortunately, the guy was an idiot. A drunk idiot, but still an idiot. He caught her wrist and tugged her back against him once more.

“Don’t leave, angel. You’re perfect right where you are.”

“Not so much,” she yelled above the music.

“We’re just getting started.”

“No, you’re not.”

The voice was deep and gruff and unfamiliar, and it set the hairs on her arms standing on end. So much more masculine than the whining tenor of the man who’d been grinding up on her. The warm evening air whispered over the crowd, delicate flavors of the sea intermingled with the aroma of those around her. Then she caught his scent.

Not bland or vague like human men. He was all musk, mountain air, and leather. Scents that crept into her and taunted her wolf. Exactly the way a man ought to smell.

Jane craned her neck to get a good look at him, but only a dark shadow slanted out from a commandingly tall frame. In the span of a blink, the human was ripped away and this new man took his place. Strong hands grasped her hips and a muscular body aligned with her curves. She melted into his firm touch, moving with the music without thinking as she breathed him in. His scent teased and taunted her, making her head spin with the flavors.

God, nobody had smelled this tempting in years. Not since she’d left her pack. Not since…

She breathed deeper and caught a rustic woodiness that was all too familiar. If she didn’t know any better, she’d guess he was a wolf too. But that was impossible, right?

Of all the random bars in all the random states, what were the odds two wolves would wind up dancing together in the same beachside bar?

Jane’s brain wanted her to turn and ask him, but her body wanted to continue moving in perfect time with his. So, she remained silent and let her body take the lead, reveling in the hard lines of his abs and a particularly tempting hardness against her ass. The more they danced, the more Jane was sure the man overwhelming her with his mere scent wasn’t human.

He gripped her hips tighter as a new song began, and her wolf purred with happiness. With him snug against her, Jane ached for him to explore her body, to turn her around and let her feel every massive inch of his body hidden beneath his tight jeans.

Yet his hands stayed in place as her heartbeat soared.

Seriously? This was insane. She didn’t even know what the dude looked like, but already her body howled for him to take her. She wanted him to run his work-calloused palms over her breasts and tease her right there on the dance floor. She felt more alive than ever—swaying with the music and allowing her body to move as she desired.

She rolled her hips, rubbing her ass against this man’s growing need. Heat raced through her, a desperate throb taking up residence at the juncture of her thighs. She repeated the tempting move and figured it’d only be minutes before he finally lost control and took her. All she had to do was get him there.

The song switched again and a deep, rumbling bassline echoed the low pulse of need between her thighs. Swiveling her hips in time with the music, Jane pushed her ass up against him a hint harder, delighting in his surprised gasp.

“You’re trying to tease me,” he growled in her ear. That deep rumble had the tips of her breasts tightening into hard pebbles.

“Is it working?” she whispered in return.

Gripping her harder, he spun her to face him and held her just as snugly as he before. She faced a broad wall of muscle covered by a loose linen shirt tucked neatly into a pair of snug jeans. It took every ounce of strength for Jane not to sink her fangs into his flesh and claim him. Hopefully he wouldn’t see how badly she drooled at the idea.

It felt like it took a year for her to crane her neck far enough to meet the stranger’s gaze. Then her heartbeat stuttered.

For a moment, all she could see were harsh lines, and then his feral beauty came into focus. His jaw was made of stone, and his light brown eyes held mesmerizing flecks of gold. She couldn’t tear her gaze away, even if she wanted to.

Without a word, his eyes flickered from brown to a glowing amber, confirming her suspicions. Whatever the odds, he was a werewolf, and somehow they’d found each other. When she flashed her own amber eyes, he growled in approval.

“Thought so,” he muttered, his eyes never wavering from hers—more amber than brown now. “Name?”

“Jane. You?”


The rumble of his animalistic voice sent another thrill of pleasure straight to her core. She could probably come right there if he’d just keep talking.

His next words took her right to the edge. “Let’s go.”

It wasn’t a question and she didn’t mind his demanding tone one bit.

Thick, warm fingers wrapped around her hand and Jane followed along eagerly as he led her through the crowd. His restraint at not tearing everyone in their way to shreds was admirable and everything, but Jane’s wolf howled at her to get down to business already. She had a scratch that only Reese could reach. She wanted him more than anything or anyone else in her entire life.

Being so close to him, covered in his scent and body prepared to accept every inch of his cock…

Nothing had ever felt more right.

Chapter Two

Reese gripped Jane’s hand and guided her through the crowd, his wolf howling in approval. He’d found a female—a strong, delicious wolf female—and he couldn’t wait to get her to his den.

Er, his hotel room.

He reached the wide breezeway that led to the hotel doors, only to feel a strong hand grab his shoulder. Brody, his beta and best friend, stepped in front of Reese, his arms crossed over his barrel of a chest. Reese’s wolf snarled its objection at being delayed. The beast wanted to cover Jane in their scent. Now.

“Whatever it is, it can wait,” Reese growled. He pulled Jane in tightly behind him and hoped Brody would get the hint.

Brody’s gaze drifted over the girl—which set Reese’s teeth on edge—and then focused on his friend again. “No, it can’t.”

When Reese didn’t budge, Brody leaned in and whispered, “You don’t want to do this.”

Again, Brody’s eyes flicked over to Jane. No matter their history, if Brody looked at Jane again…

“I assure you, I do,” Reese growled, staring his friend down, but Brody only moved to stand more squarely in Reese’s path.

“Reese, listen—” Brody started, but Reese snarled and let a little of his wolf out. His eyes burned as brown bled to full amber and his gums ached as his fangs descended.

“If you want to keep your hide intact, you’ll step aside.”

The two men stared each other down for a long moment, and Reese wondered if he’d have to pin his beta to the concrete. They remained in place, neither of them flinching, until Brody finally let his gaze lower to the ground.

His beta stepped aside, but just as Reese pushed past him, Brody spoke one last time. “You better remember I tried to stop you.”

Reese ignored him. The only thing that mattered was getting Jane to his room. Then they could ravage each other like the animals they were. Once inside the posh hotel, he jabbed the elevator button repeatedly, willing it to hurry.

Whatever ate at Brody could wait until morning—along with everything else. Tonight, he wasn’t the alpha of the Warren pack. He wasn’t in Ft. Lauderdale on pack business, searching for a way to end the conflict between his pack and another. His sole purpose was to make Jane scream with a kind of pleasure she’d never experienced.

A pleasure he ached for, himself. Pressure had been building since his father died, leaving him to lead his pack. He’d tried to find solace in the arms of the women in his pack, but none had provided the distraction he desperately needed. But this beautiful stranger would take his mind off his newfound responsibilities.

Between her long, strawberry blonde waves and curves in all the right places… she was a gorgeous, tempting distraction. Every time he looked at her, he found something new to lust after. He couldn’t wait to peel away her skin-tight red tank top and see exactly what lay underneath.

Knowing she was a wolf just like him, he didn’t bother to limit his strength. He pulled her into the elevator car, thankful no one else occupied the space. One arm wrapped around Jane, he quickly slid his keycard into the control panel. Now they’d have a nonstop trip to his penthouse suite. The moment the doors slipped shut once again, he pulled her to him and buried his face in her neck. A deep breath brought him more of her tantalizing scent and he couldn’t withhold the groan that filled his chest.

“My God, you’re gorgeous,” he murmured, his voice ragged to his own ears. “Smell s’good.”

His cock throbbed in his slacks, length straining his pants.

Jane moaned in response, the sound like a physical touch. One that wrapped around his dick and stroked him from base to tip. That was all the permission he needed to take what they both desired.

Reese slipped his fingers into her hair and fisted the silken strands. He used his grip to tip her head back and urge her onto her toes. Now their lips were mere millimeters apart. The heat from her panting breaths nearly destroyed him, urging him to capture her mouth with his own, but he couldn’t stop staring into her pale green eyes. His breath caught in his throat and he was utterly hypnotized by her beauty. When she whined and squirmed against him, he knew it was time to act and he lowered his head toward hers.

The moment their lips touched, he lost whatever sense remained. All that mattered was Jane—touching and kissing every part of her.

No woman had ever felt this perfect in his embrace and his inner wolf howled its agreement. It urged him to take, to claim. Take her body until she was coated in his scent.

She yielded to him, sinking into his kiss with passionate abandon. But that didn’t mean she was a passive partner. She clung to him, fingers fisting his shirt and pulling him tighter against her. Her tongue swept out to meet his, deepening their kiss and taunting him at the same time. She met him stroke for stroke, her passion rising to meet his until they fed off each other’s need.

The scent of her desire filled the small space, her slick pussy ready for his cock.

Fuck. Eternity wouldn’t be long enough for Reese to get his fill of Jane’s lush body. His hands freely roamed her curves, cupping the roundness of her ass and exploring the swell of her breasts. The warmth from her aroused flesh burned him and he ached to touch her without the barrier of clothing.

Jane broke their kiss with a rough gasp, her chest heaving with her panting breaths. “Do you think there are cameras in here?”

A shudder of desire slithered down his spine. “Who cares?”

Her body trembled and she pulled away, giving him a wicked grin—wicked and hungry. Then she licked her plump lips and dropped to her knees.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunted as she made quick work of his zipper.

For a brief flash, he wondered if he should stop her and insist on waiting until they reached his room. But any ability to think vanished the second her fingers wrapped around his stiff cock and pulled him free of his jeans.

He’d never seen a more beautiful sight, a gorgeous woman on her knees, lips parted to take his cock deep… His length twitched and she caressed the tip of his shaft with her thumb, rubbing away the drop of pre-cum decorating the mushroomed head.

“Fuck, Jane,” he rasped and watched as she brought her mouth closer to his hardness. Any moment now she’d take him into her mouth and…

In his final lucid moment, he slammed his palm against the emergency stop button. The alarm released a piercing ring, but neither paid any attention.

Not when Jane’s eyes sparkled with dark hunger. Eyes on him and with a teasing smile, she stroked him so slowly he thought he might lose his damned mind. She added a small twist, her movements increasing in pace as she gripped him tighter. She pumped him over and over again, holding off on giving him what they both craved. As if she read his mind, she grinned and flicked her tongue past her plump lips.

“Suck it,” his command came out as barely more than a growl.

Jane whimpered as if she’d been eagerly awaiting his order and then dipped her head until he could no longer see her eyes. She moved slowly, flicking her tongue here and there, the barely-there caresses driving him to the brink of insanity. Reese gripped the handrail until his knuckles ached. If he didn’t restrain himself, he’d bury his fingers in her hair and force his dick down her throat. For her to take all of him and give him so much pleasure… Fuck. He had no doubt that would happen at some time during the night.

Gazing down as she explored him, he wished he could capture the image forever. This woman on her knees, accepting all he had to offer. Just as he committed the details to memory, her lips took him in fully and his world flipped upside down. Breath whooshed from his lungs and he was barely aware of his movements. He wove his fingers into her hair while she gingerly obeyed his previous command.

Suck it.

Her mouth was warm and welcoming, and he allowed his head to fall back against the wall. She took him in inch by inch, until the head of his cock nudged the back of her throat.

“Fuck. Yes, just like that,” he hissed. His dick throbbed and twitched inside her wet heat. His balls ached for release, to flood her mouth with his cum.

Jane hummed her agreement and the vibrations ricocheted across his nerve endings. The vibrations sent him spiraling toward the edge of bliss. A tingle ran up his spine, and his balls tightened as she slid her head back and then down again.

Damn but he was close. So fucking close.

What he wouldn’t give to let go of all control and allow her to take him past the brink. Watching her swallow everything he had to give would be a dream come true, but the promise of more stopped him. He recalled the way her body moved against his on the dance floor, how she ground her ass into him. How her body begged him to take her. No, the night wouldn’t end until he knew every inch of this woman and they were both too exhausted to move.

Reese mustered the will to stop and let his head drop forward. Fuck, that was a mistake. Staring down at her, seeing her legs spread wide enough that her very tiny, very tight skirt had rolled up to her waist. A lacy red thong peeked out from underneath, teasing him as her body moved. He gripped the bar behind him even tighter and struggled against the urge to take her on the floor of the elevator. He had no idea who this woman was, but he was powerless against her.

Especially when her lips were wrapped around his cock.

Groaning with effort, Reese uncurled the fingers of one hand from the railing and gently pushed her away. She slowly dragged her mouth along his shaft and caught his eye when she carefully released his cock. She smiled as she wiped the corner of her mouth and then slowly stood.

Jane didn’t seem to give a damn that her skirt remained caught around her waist. She turned and bent to push the emergency button, ending that annoying alarm.

It would have only taken a flick to move the thin scrap of fabric aside and make her his. Then the elevator jerked alive and he managed to stuff himself back into his jeans, cursing the rough fabric as it scraped his sensitive flesh.

Still, he couldn’t let a perfectly good ass go to waste. He gripped her hips and pulled her back. He pressed against her for the rest of the ride, reveling in the way she moved her hips in slow, rhythmic circles. He slipped his hand down the front of the skimpy thong, and Jane gasped and arched against him in response. Evidence of her need coated his fingers, her slick wetness teasing him with her tempting warmth.

An ache he’d never experienced consumed him. He’d never desired a woman so fully in his life. So completely.

The elevator dinged and doors slid open to reveal the penthouse suite. He didn’t hesitate to sweep Jane into his arms and carry her into his temporary home.

Reese let himself go, releasing a growl of need as he carried her through the ridiculously luxurious suite. He couldn’t move fast enough, his shoes beating a staccato on the polished marble floor.

She wasn’t idle as he moved down the hall, her teasing lips and talented tongue kissing and licking his neck. His wolf howled its approval, overjoyed when her teeth scraped his skin and the desperate need for her bite assaulted him. His own fangs lengthened in response, piercing his gums and emerging in preparation.

First fuck, then claim. The words pounded through his veins, the drive increasing with every step.

Fuck. Claim. Fuck. Claim.

Reese turned one last corner and reached the bedroom, striding into the room without hesitation. He tossed Jane onto the massive bed and she bounced on the cushioned surface. She lay there, sprawled and panting heavily, waiting for him. Those bright red panties lured him, calling him forward and he crept closer.

With a flick of his wrist and slice of his wolf’s claws, her top lay in tatters, revealing a sheer red bra underneath—tiny scraps of silk and lace that matched those wicked panties. His mouth watered at the sight of her hard nipples straining against the delicate fabric.

Crawling over her like a hunter claiming his prey, he lowered his head and sucked one into his mouth. Jane cried out and arched against him, giving him access to the clasp in the back. He reached behind her and tugged on the clasp, claw parting the cloth with ease. He caught the cup of her bra with his teeth and tugged, pulling the lace away from his prize. Those dusky pink nubs beckoned him, begging to be sucked and flicked. Would her skin taste as sweet and sinful as her mouth?

Probably better.

And he couldn’t wait to test that theory, but not before he got his cock inside her. Hard. Deep.

And all fucking night long.

He retreated and pulled her bra from her body, tossing the lacy garment over his shoulder. Then he eased back and withdrew from the bed, reaching for the thin sides of her panties. He hooked his fingers beneath the elastic and tugged, drawing that small barrier down her legs. The moment he tossed the bit of silk away, Jane parted her legs, revealing his prize. Dark blonde curls hid her pussy from his view, dampness clinging to the closely cropped strands. Her pink flesh teased him, urging him to come closer for a taste.


Reese reached for the buttons of his shirt, quickly releasing each one until it slipped from his shoulders and fell to the ground. Next, he toed off his shoes and worked on his pants. Wolf’s claws made handling the button and zipper difficult, but he was motivated. He wasn’t going to let a little thing like clothing get in the way of having Jane.

Jane’s hands went to her skirt, tugging at the lower hem, and he grasped her wrist before she could move another inch.

“No,” he growled. “That stays on. Stockings and heels, too.”

The black thigh highs and four inch heels had been driving him crazy. Pushing the skirt back up to her waist, he stood back for a long moment to admire the gorgeous creature in front of him. Her body was everything it had promised to be—plump curves and pale skin. The swell of her breasts and ass were enough to make him want to spend a month exploring every inch of her body.

He wanted to lock them both in the hotel room and stay there for eternity, discovering new ways to make each other cry out with pleasure.

But they only had one night.

Reese grasped her ankles and tugged her closer until her ass rested on the very edge of the mattress. “Turn over, feet on the ground, that pretty ass on display for me.”

And in the perfect position for him to slide right into that hot pussy.

Jane obeyed, twisting her body and arching her back to put the curve of her ass on full display.

Damn if this girl didn’t know exactly what she was doing.

* * *

Jane had no idea what she was doing, but she did know she didn’t want to stop. One look from him and her pussy clenched. One gentle touch and her clit twitched. As for the feel of his cock in her mouth…

She’d never done that before—had never wanted to do such a thing—but it’d felt right with Reese. Right and wicked at the same time.

She moved into position without hesitation, feet on the ground and pussy on display. Cold air bathed her heated flesh, sending a new tendril of longing through her. She’d never been so alive with desire in her life, never craved another so badly she was willing to do anything to feel him inside her. Blood thundered in her ears and drowned her ability to hear. But she didn’t need to hear in order to feel Reese’s every touch.

Her wolf whimpered and whined, her animal anxious to be claimed. It longed to feel Reese’s wolf break the flesh of her neck, to claim her as his mate. His scent drugged her, lulled her wolf’s inhibitions until the animal could think of nothing but being taken by the large alpha.

Which was impossible.

Not only was she trying to establish life outside of a pack, but she had no idea where—and which pack—Reese called home. All she knew was that he was tall and chiseled, muscles practically cut from stone, and his scent tempted her to throw caution to the wind. With every breath, she had to fight her wolf that much harder. The beast was determined to receive Reese’s bite.

Jane glanced over her shoulder, hair tickling her back as she whipped her head to the side. She wanted to gauge Reese’s reaction, see what he thought of her body. One look was all she needed to see that the big bad wolf liked what he had spread bare in front of him. His eyes were pure amber and sprinklings of fur dotted his cheeks then flowed down his neck. He was bare from waist up, those muscles on display. As for waist down… His pants still clung to his hips, balancing on the deeply carved muscles.

It’d only take one nudge for them to pool at his feet. One nudge to reveal all of him—including that thick, glorious cock. Her mouth watered, memories of his dick in her mouth making her ache for more.

“So beautiful,” he murmured and reached for her. He traced the curve of her spine, single finger skating over her sensitive skin. He didn’t stop when he reached the top of her ass. No, he continued, teasing the wicked pucker between her ass cheeks and on until he reached her pussy. He ran that fingertip up and down her slit, giving her pleasure yet still holding it just out of reach.

“So wet for me, aren’t you?” His voice turned rough with the growl of his wolf. He dipped between her lower lips, sliding easily through her cream until he found her clit.

A lightning bolt of pleasure speared her, entire body thrumming with need at that caress. Jane moaned and then whimpered, wiggling her ass as she sought more of his touch. And he gave it to her. He circled and tapped her clit, taunting that bundle of nerves with a tempo that had her clawing at the bed. Her nails emerged, sharp tips digging into the blanket and slicing the fabric with ease. She should care about the damage, but…

But that was when Reese slid his other hand up her spine, stopping when he reached the base of her neck. He gave her a gentle squeeze and then leaned over her.

He leaned over her until his bare chest rested against her back. His heat infused her, scent lured her wolf even closer, and his touch… He didn’t stop caressing her clit, the tempo gradually settling in a maddening rhythm. Around and around and around… Jane circled her hips with his ever stroke, fighting for more of that pleasure he gave.

Then he gave her his weight, fingers teasing, body pinning her down and his cock… His cock was a hard brand against her hip, evidence of his need so close to her pussy.

“Are you wet for me, Jane?” he murmured in her ear, his breath fanning her cheek. “Tell me.”

“Yes,” she whimpered and then whined. Reese slid his fingers along her slit, dipping into her center before returning to her clit again.

“You want my cock, don’t you?”

She nodded, but that wasn’t enough for him.

“Out loud. Tell me.”

Jane shuddered and swallowed, fighting to bring moisture to her mouth. “I want your cock.”

“Good girl,” he murmured and then nearly made her come right there. He lowered his head and scraped his teeth on her shoulder. He left a searing line of pain in his wake. The kind of pain that merely added to the pleasure.

Her wolf whined with the scratch, wanting more of that delicious ache. It wanted a deeper agony. One that went with being claimed by the dominant wolf. And it didn’t give a damn about Jane’s plans for the future.

When Reese licked the scratch, Jane was ready to throw her plans out the window too. Nothing was better than this wolf’s mouth, his hands. And as soon as she got his cock, she didn’t think anything could be better than that either.

“Spread your legs,” he lifted his weight but she could still sense the heaviness of his gaze. “Show me your pussy, now.”

She knew he stared at her there. His gaze couldn’t miss the sight of her asshole and then the entrance to her core.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful. So hot, Jane. So sexy.” His fingers grazed her opening, taunting her with what was to come. “So mine.”

She almost screamed her agreement—begged him to bite and claim her already. But she bit down on her tongue and swallowed the words instead.

“Tell me again.” Reese slipped his finger into her core, teasing her sensitize flesh with the simple penetration. “Tell me what you want.”

Jane trembled and her pussy clenched around his digit. “I want your cock.”

He withdrew and pushed a second finger in. “Not my hand?”

She shook her head and rocked back and forth, taking what pleasure she could. “Want you to fuck me.”

He leaned over her once again, fangs scraping her skin. “Have you ever been fucked by a wolf, Jane?”

She shook her head once again. “Never.” He drove his fingers deep, yanking a gasp from her throat. “Never had sex.”

Reese froze in place, body immobile, and she didn’t think he even bothered to breathe. “You’re a virgin?”

The words were all wolf with no hint of his human voice in there at all.


Mine.” He rumbled against her shoulder, fangs dancing over her skin once again.

God, she wanted to be his. His and no one else’s. But this was a quick one-night stand with a wolf she’d never see again. Her wolf objected to Jane’s thoughts but she silenced the beast, too lost in the pleasure to care.

Reese withdrew his fingers, the sudden emptiness yanking a whimper from deep within her chest. But she didn’t remain empty for long. A crinkle of foil was soon followed by the feel of the blunt tip of his cock at her entrance.

Condom. He’d gotten a condom. At least one of them had sense.

He was hard and thick, pressed against her virgin entrance. He eased into her, and inch by inch she stretched around his length. A sharp sting joined the pleasure he gave her, the quick pinch of his cock taking her virginity, and her pussy tightened around his shaft. He moved deeper and deeper, not stopping until their hips met and he was buried to the hilt in her core. Her body screamed with need, the desperation for more overriding all thoughts.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Now move.”

In answer, a quick sting jolted over her nerves while the harsh slap of skin on skin filled her ears. Reese smacked her ass again, adding more of the pleasure-tinged pain.

“Ah!” she cried out, but then his hand was back, palm soothing the stinging skin.

“This is my pussy, Jane.” He pulled back and popped her again, following it with a soft stroke. “I’ll move when I’m ready.”

She hoped he was ready soon. Otherwise she’d come from the feel of his hand on her ass and his cock inside her. That seemed to be all her body needed.

Reese repeated the spanking—the spear of pain followed by his gentle touches. Each one drove her closer and closer to release.

Then… then he moved.

He gripped her hips with his large hands, held her steady, and then gradually retreated from her pussy. It was a slow withdrawal followed by an equally slow thrust, a gentle rocking that got her body used to his possession.

At least, that was how it started. Out and then back in again, a sensual glide of their bodies. But soon it changed. Soon he took and gave more.

Soon Reese smacked her ass again while his cock slammed into her pussy. Her pleasure doubled with each strike and she arched her back even more, wordlessly begging him to fucker harder, faster. She wanted the pain that came with his ecstasy and wiggled her ass to get his attention.

And it worked.

Soon they were both covered in sweat, bodies straining for that ultimate peak, that final release that would send them spiraling into utter bliss. The bed shook with his pounding and she clung to the mattress, nails digging into the blanket. She trembled with the bliss of his fucking, the rough and harsh way he claimed her body.

He used her, took what he wanted yet gave her exactly what she needed in return.

Just like their dancing, she’d never felt freer. And as he pushed into her again, she found herself closing her eyes, savoring the feel of his dick as he pushed her to her limits.

“Fuck, yes. Your cock feels so fucking good. Gonna…” She tried to talk, but pleasure sucked every breath from her body. Her pussy rippled around Reese’s cock, milking his dick with his every move. Heat gathered around her core and slowly spread, the tendrils of ultimate bliss dancing over her nerve endings.

“Come on my cock, Jane. Do it.” His nails pricked her hips, slicing into skin and the coppery scent of her blood filled the air.

There were no more words, no more begging and pleading for anything. Reese seemed to read her mind and give her everything she needed. The lewd smack of their bodies increased, his balls slapping against her lower lips and taunting her clit with a hurried caress. She danced closer to the edge of release, the ultimate joy within reach as she let Reese take over her body.

He played her like an instrument, touching and stroking her exactly how she needed most. His fingers found places that drove her wild while his cock stroked her inner walls. She eased to the very tip of the precipice and danced on that sharp point, ready to be tossed over the edge into delirious oblivion.

Reese released a growl of his own, tightening his hold as he pulled her back into his thrusts. He controlled her body, demanding she give in, until she finally relented and let him do as he desired.

She begged and he gave. He demanded and she submitted. He’d push her harder, faster, deeper, and she accepted every snippet of ecstasy that came her way. The knot of need in her stomach tightened further and further, the pleasure gathering and building until she could hardly breathe.

So very, very close…

And then… She lost it. Fire ignited in her veins and raced over her nerve endings, leaving utter joy in its wake. Reese throbbed inside her, his cock pulsing while her core did the same. She milked him for his cum and he gave in, gifting her with his pleasure. He thrust once, twice, and then froze on the third. He sealed their bodies together, hips flush while he continued to ride the wave of his orgasm. Jane rode the wave with him, each roll of pleasure overwhelming all other sensations.

That bliss continued, gradually lessening with each breath until the ecstasy settled into a delicious buzz that she didn’t think she’d ever forget. It’d been perfect. More than perfect. It’d been… Hell, she didn’t know. She just knew that she couldn’t wait to do it again.

And again.


Chapter Three

Five months later…

The smell of blueberry pancakes turned Jane’s sensitive stomach, and she took a deep breath, holding it until she thought she’d conquered her nausea. She released it slowly, praying her body would behave long enough for her to eat something. In truth, just about everything made her feel sick these days—everything except for fresh lemonade, orange juice, and anything else remotely citrusy. Hell, she’d even started eating limes like they were apples.

Being pregnant sucked. She was always hungry. Of course, everything made her want to puke. Not just food either. The way everyone around the breakfast table looked at her made her want to worship the porcelain god, too.

She’d returned months ago, her dreams of a diploma and a normal life destroyed by a pink plus sign. Then it’d gotten even worse because the entire pack knew of her pregnancy. Not because of some big announcement either. Nope, they all smelled the furry bun in the oven.

They all gawked at her—the alpha’s daughter who’d thought she was too good for pack life now running home with her tail between her legs and a stranger’s pup in her belly. Of course, no one said that, but the sideways glances and snarky whispers made their thoughts pretty obvious.

The humiliation had almost led her to run away again… but that wasn’t an option. Shifter babies couldn’t control their shift until they hit puberty, which made finding daycare nearly impossible. So, she’d stayed and endured their pointed sniffs, telling her without words they could scent her shame.

Fuck them. The truth of the matter was that she wasn’t ashamed. Not of her pup, anyway. If she had to endure their disdain, so be it. No one would ever make her regret her choice, and once the baby came, no one had better make her child feel like an outcast. She’d see to that by tooth and claw, if necessary.

Tooth. And. Claw.

“Aren’t you going to eat your pancakes, dear?” Her mother’s worried voice broke through Jane’s thoughts.

“They’re, uh…” She swallowed hard and fought not to smell the noxious sweetness of the berries.

Her mother’s eyes narrowed slightly, gaze darting between the pancakes and Jane. Jane didn’t need to be a mind reader to know what her mother was thinking.

You have to eat. You’re eating for two now, sweetheart.

But Ginger Coleman didn’t dare say the words aloud. Not in front of her husband, anyway.

Lance Coleman—Jane’s dad and pack alpha—glanced at his wife but didn’t say a word. He wasn’t about to comment on Jane or her eating habits—just as he hadn’t for months now. He spoke to his daughter only when absolutely necessary.

Which was basically never since he spent most of his time holed up with his enforcers and advisers discussing important pack business while pretending Jane didn’t exist. Jane and the bastard pup in her belly. Their disapproval stung. She couldn’t deny that, but she would endure it for the sake of her child.

Jane cleared her throat before she spoke again. “I’m not hungry. I’m just going to have some orange juice, I think.”

The others sitting around the table glanced her way and then returned to their own conversation as if she didn’t exist. Their feigned disinterest didn’t banish the tension her presence caused. They treated her like a landmine ready to detonate—avoiding her at all costs and barely acknowledging her existence. If they did, their alpha might be the one to explode, and everyone knew it was just a matter of time. He’d been more and more on edge since she’d moved home.

“You really ought to eat,” her mother whispered while she tied her burnished red hair into a knot at the base of her neck. “Just a few bites. For me.”

And the baby. Something else her mother didn’t say aloud.

Jane sighed and cut into her food as the men pressed on with their conversation.

“He was killed on the border between Coleman and Warren lands.” Urgency filled Ian’s tone, the younger wolf hurrying to explain more about recent pack happenings.

The determination made sense. They discussed the recent mauling death of Ian’s father, after all. Ian’s dad, Peter, had been her father’s trusted beta for years. Now that he was gone, Ian had recently stepped into his place.

Though, for the life of her, Jane couldn’t figure out why.

At least twenty men in the pack had more experience and were more dominant than Ian. Of course, her judgment was probably clouded by the fact that she hated the boy she’d grown up with. Besides, her father probably tapped Ian out of respect for his deceased beta.

“I know where he was found,” her father’s gruff voice commanded the room.

Jane stared at her father through the curtain of her eyelashes. He hadn’t glanced in her direction since she’d come home, so she felt safe in appraising him again. In her youth, Lance Coleman had seemed larger than life. All muscle and sinew and claws and fangs, standing twenty feet tall and roaring with a voice that could be heard around the world. He ruled with a furry iron fist, but he was fair, so his pack trusted and respected him.

Either her memory was faulty, or her father had… shrunk. Because she didn’t see a twenty-foot-tall wolf any longer.

Looking at her father, it seemed like nothing could hold back the hands of time. And those hands could be real bitches. Lance looked as if they’d slapped him around quite a bit since Jane had returned. His normally dark blond hair was now mostly grey. Hell, even his skin had a greyish cast. His once massive muscles had seemingly shriveled.

The stress is killing him, Jane thought as she sipped her OJ. No, I’m killing him.

“The Warren pack killed my father.” Ian’s tone transformed from urgent to incensed. “I say we take our revenge.”

The pack’s enforcers, all meaty brutes who weren’t shy about getting physical in the line of duty, grumbled their disagreement. They obviously weren’t in favor of Ian’s idea. Lance didn’t so much as glance their way, his focus on Ian’s pale, pinched face.

Icy blue eyes sparkling, Ian clearly saw he had Lance on the hook. The hair on the back of Jane’s neck stood on end at how easily he seemed to be manipulating her father. Scooching his chair closer to his alpha, Ian leaned in while he spoke.

“Nobody else but the Warrens had the means or the motive. Everyone in the Coleman pack loved my father, including you. You think it’s a coincidence they get a new alpha and my father winds up dead? This Warren alpha is trying to prove his strength to his pack and to us. We need to show him we won’t stand for it.”

“What do you have in mind?” Lance growled, obviously buying into Ian’s theory.

“An ambush.”

Ginger gasped and Jane’s stomach lurched, and it had nothing to do with the baby growing inside her. Ian shot them both a dirty look and then turned his attention back to her father. He appeared far less shocked than he should have. In fact, he looked almost… eager.

“We have that stupid summit with the new alpha and the National Circle later,” Ian continued. “It would be a simple thing for a team to hide in the woods until the Warrens arrive. Then we avenge my father’s murder!”

“Hmm…” Lance mused, his expression turning thoughtful as he actually considered the insane proposition.

A disturbing light shone in Ian’s eyes as he smiled at Lance. Jane wanted to smack that grotesque smirk off his face, but even the daughter of the alpha didn’t dare attack the pack’s beta. Such an act of aggression was grounds for immediate expulsion from the pack, and Jane couldn’t risk her unborn child’s future like that. But her mother stepped forward, unafraid to defy her alpha’s advisor.

“Lance,” Ginger said in soothing tones, “you need to keep your word to the National Circle. You agreed to a peaceful meeting of the packs.”

“I know what I said,” Lance snapped, “but that was before Peter was murdered on the edge of Warren lands!”

Ginger flinched and said nothing. That was so unlike her normally confident and self-possessed mother. It was also out of character for her father to disrespect his mate. Something was going on between them, but Jane was the last person either would confide in. Her mother wouldn’t want to burden Jane with their problems, and her father pretty much hated her these days.

“I’ll just start cleaning up,” Ginger mumbled. Then she grabbed Jane’s untouched food and carried it to the kitchen.

“I need to speak with my enforcers. The study, gentlemen.” It wasn’t a request. With the creak of his chair, Lance straightened—though he still appeared to be slightly stooped—and disappeared from the room. His grim-faced enforcers followed on his heels.

Which left Jane alone.

With Ian.

Just looking at him made her inner wolf snarl and snap, straining against its leash. They’d known each other since childhood—they’d both been pack royalty—but that didn’t mean she liked him. As far as Jane recalled, he was a whiny, sniveling bully who hid behind the pack’s enforcers to avoid retaliation. The fact her father selected him as his new beta baffled her.

For a short time, she’d thought maybe he’d changed while she was away at school, but it only took one sleazy come-on to strip her of that notion. Despite the fact his relatively slight build and pale features—including his creepy white-blond hair—held no attraction for her, Ian was relentless in his pursuit of her. It didn’t matter that she’d rebuffed his advances for years, the man was persistent.

Now, being alone with him set all her alarm bells clanging.

Clearing her throat, Jane fought to think of an excuse to leave the dining room, but Ian beat her to the punch.

“You know what I don’t get?” He stood slowly while his gaze dropped to her baby bump.

A great many things, she desperately wanted to say. Instead, she trained her eyes on her empty juice glass and waited for the inevitable follow-up.

“I don’t understand why you won’t reveal the name of the baby-daddy. You haven’t told your mother or father. Or me.” He took two casual steps toward her and then cocked his head questioningly.

The list of answers was limitless, but off the top of her head she could think of a few:

—Beta or not, you’re a weak, worthless asshole.

—It’s none of your business.

—I only know his first name.

But she kept her mouth shut. In truth, part of her wondered if she should be grateful to Ian. After all, he was the only person who’d had the balls to ask about the father of her child since she’d come back home. The problem was that he didn’t care out of concern for her. He just wanted to satiate his own twisted curiosity. Unfortunately, Jane knew from experience he wouldn’t accept any of her answers. Especially the one about him being a weak, worthless asshole.

He took another step toward her, his face shifting into a conspiratorial smile. “There’s still time to get rid of it, you know. You could claim you miscarried. Imagine your father’s relief! I won’t tell anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Jane’s gaze snapped up to his and her upper lip curled in a snarl. One hand dropped to her belly while the other clenched her glass until it cracked. She wondered how hard it would be to clean up the blood if she smashed the glass and cut his throat with one of the sharp shards. Of course, that would mean banishment—if not death. She wouldn’t allow her baby to become an orphan.

“I’m not getting rid of my pup,” she seethed through clenched teeth as she shot daggers from her eyes.

Why, oh, why couldn’t looks kill?

Ian shrugged and edged closer. “You really should consider it. I’d happily take you as my mate, but not while you’re pregnant with a bastard pup. How would it look for the future alpha to raise some other wolf’s spawn?”

“Future—” Jane balked and then bit back the fresh wave of outrage as she shook her head. “Thanks for the offer, but… hard pass.”

A muscle in his jaw flexed at her rudeness, but she didn’t care. How dare he think he’d be made alpha. Ever!

“Everyone’s whispering behind your back that it’ll be a runt, you know,” he sneered, advancing until he stood mere inches from her. “They assume since you won’t say who the father is, he must be weak.”

She knew he was trying to intimidate her with his size and closeness, but she wasn’t about to back down. He might have been slightly stronger than her, but Jane had the power of a mother protecting her child. He’d never survive, and she almost welcomed the chance to prove it.

“They can whisper all they like,” Jane spat, giving him a hard look to make sure her next words would pierce that shriveled husk he called a heart. “An alpha’s daughter would never choose a weak wolf.”

Ian growled his displeasure and his eyes clouded with anger at the implied insult. If she hadn’t been so royally pissed off, she would have laughed at him. Tightening her grip on her belly, she bared her teeth, but before either could make the first move, a footstep creaked in the doorway. Ian jumped away in surprise and plastered an innocent smile on his face.

Her father stood in the doorway, staring at Ian. Jane couldn’t read his expression, but her heart hoped he was seeing his new beta with fresh eyes.

Her heart hoped wrong.

After a beat, all he said was, “Time to leave for the meeting.”

Before he could walk out of the room, Jane called after him. “Can I come?”

It was impulsive and reckless, and she didn’t really know why she asked. Except she did. She had to at least try to keep him from following Ian’s advice and plunging them all into war.

He stopped in his tracks, but his gaze didn’t even flick over in her direction. That was nothing new, but then he did something she never expected.

He agreed.